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6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s “Screen Appeal”

Screen appeal refers to having a whole house tour via photos and online videos. To make the best out of it, you must consider all possibilities that can leave a good mark on your home’s screen appeal. The famous quote says, “your first impression is your last impression,” so why not give your best. When you create a perfect board with bold letters, houses for sale near Tupelo, MS, or apartments for rent you might forget the key points to attract the audience. 

To ensure you are doing it the right way, we suggest you follow all the tips mentioned below to make a strong impression by improving your home’s screen appeal.

6 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Screen Appeal


When trying to grab somebody’s attention, especially with screen appeal, it is important to reorganize everything and remove any unnecessary items scattered around the house. Though it may seem well-put to you, it can distract your audience. The fewer items in the picture or a video, the more clarity the person gets of the house. When you declutter your house, it will seem more spacious than normal. Organize the drawers of your kitchen, bedroom, and living room, set the items neatly inside, and remove any unnecessary things during the screen appeal.


Please do not take it lightly. Your motive is to appeal to your audience; hence it is important to keep your house dust-free and sparkly. Online photos and videos show off each detail that sometimes goes unnoticed in a curb appeal. So, it is essential to clean your house, set the sheets properly, and arrange everything in an organized manner.

Painting Walls and Ceiling

This may seem subtle, but it plays a good role in appealing to the other person seeing it. Always look for details and try to repaint a wall that looks untidy or dusty. No cracks or marks should be visible. Choose a neutral or warm tone for painting. Though a cold tone might seem attractive, it does not appeal to the audience. Warm tones and neutral tones like white create more space. It reflects the audience’s focus on only certain things rather than distracting them.


Set up your house by furnishing things that look old and rusted. Finishing touches are important after painting and cleaning. It ensures the whole point of your work is done and helps enhance the overall quality of your house through pictures. 

Once you figure out how to improve your screen appeal, consult with the right real estate agency to help you provide feedback or suggestions. Create accurately detailed and neat boards mentioning apartments for rent in Tupelo, MS. Use neutral colors and highlight the house for sale near Tupelo, MS, if the house is at a distance from Tupelo. 


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