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8 Common Home Staging Mistakes To Avoid

Staging is important when it comes to selling in today’s highly competitive housing market. Your home will look more attractive in listing photos and appeal to a wider range of buyers. It is possible to sell a well-staged house faster and for a higher price than one that has not been staged.A simple mistake could end up being a deal breaker.

It is important to avoid these common home staging mistakes if you want to make your home stand out on the market.

Some Staging Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your House.

Getting Started Without a Plan.

Preparing a home for sale without the help of a professional stager is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make. During the process, stagers evaluate the entire home and remove potential obstacles to a sale.

Many buyers in Tupelo looking for homes for sale today are scrutinizing homes that have been well-maintained and are ready to move into. An unfinished home will result in low buyer traffic and offers below the price if it is listed before it is ready.

Ignoring Easy Home Modifications.

It is worth going the extra mile to fix areas that need attention and are inexpensive. A clearer, professional image is obtained, and potential buyers can see how well the house was taken care of. Taking pictures of your staged home and displaying them on listing websites are equally as important as showing your staged home to prospective buyers.

Outdated Home Decor And Furniture.

It won’t be easy to sell a house with outdated home decor. Get rid of the outdated wallpaper and border. Light fixtures need to be updated. If possible, upgrade the countertops to quartz.

Assuming Staging and Cleaning are the Same.

Staging is often confused with cleaning and organizing. In its simplest form, staging is marketing a home to appeal to potential buyers. Rather than emphasizing the flaws of the home, you emphasize its features.

Targeting the Wrong Audience.

Most sellers do not properly prepare or stage their homes to appeal to their target market. A home with outdated furnishings, wallpaper, dark paint colors, and old carpets and cabinets will not appeal to potential buyers.

The Placement of Furniture.

Furniture is often pushed against the walls to make the room appear larger. Instead, this backfires and reduces the size of a room. The first step at every stage is to push the living room seating arrangement to the center of the living room. A desk in the center of a room makes it feel spacious.

Competition is Ignored.

To know what you’re up against, you should check out other apartments for rent in Tupelo, MS, that are staged. The most important thing you can do to ensure your home sells for top dollar is to stage it properly to highlight its positives while minimizing its imperfections.

Extravagant Staging of the House.

The house may appear extravagant if you put too much color, drama, and decoration elements into your home. Buyers might think you are trying to show off and getting too desperate for money. It’s best to keep it simple yet elegant. 

You can sell your home more quickly if you update the outdated decor. Make necessary repairs before listing, making it move-in ready for potential buyers and reducing the risk of having to make repairs after the sale is completed.

Having your home staged and updated by professionals will help create a move-in-ready impression that might inspire potential buyers to make an offer. You can begin your selling journey anytime with Jumper Realty and Associates. We have the most professional and amazing home stagers in Tupelo, MS. Call us at (662) 286-2828 or email us.