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Avoid These Common Errors When Home Staging

Selling your home can be more complex than advertising it. Homebuyers are usually selective about the home they purchase, and with good reason. Getting houses for sale near Tupelo, MS, will take much effort.

What are homeowners’ most frequent mistakes when attempting to prepare Tupelo homes for sale?

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Home Staging

  • Use Bold, Custom-Designed Colors or Wallpaper for the Walls.

Playing around with wallpaper and colors can be an enjoyable experience for a homeowner. You can come up with many exciting ideas on how to use it. However, it’s not an option for Tupelo homes for sale.

Wallpaper and color are personal, so although you might think they’ll attract buyers, they could end up being off-putting to a buyer. They can make them feel as if they’ll have to spend an enormous amount of money changing them before moving in.

  • Customizing the Decor.

Personalizing the walls and other decor areas should adhere to the same rules. Suppose houses are for sale near Tupelo, MS, and are heavily influenced by decorating with a particular design and taste. In that case, most buyers might have difficulty picturing the decor they want to see in their homes.

Although you might think buyers need to be able to see past everything, most of them don’t. This will impact how they feel when they look around the house and ultimately influence their desire to make an offer. It’s better to offer them the space to work with simple modern accents so that their imaginations are free to roam.

  • Not Cleaning Up Before Staging.

There’s a distinction between regular cleaning and staging cleaning for homes for sale in Tupelo, MS. This thorough cleaning provides the backdrop for staging.

Clean and dust the baseboards, wash the vents and grout, scrub the tile in the shower and polish the hardware in your bathrooms and kitchen. A thorough cleaning also conveys to potential buyers that your property is in good condition and assists them in imagining living in the house.

  • Inattention to Staging Storage Areas.

The storage space should be made clear if there are homes for sale in Tupelo, MS. Buyers will be interested in knowing how much storage space you have in your house. The closets must be well-organized and not crowded. Arrange the pantries and closets with linen so they appear as spacious and comfortable as possible.

  • Over-Staging the House.

Home staging can make your home more appealing to potential buyers and make it easier to sell your home quicker and at a higher price. However, the wrong staging for homes for sale in Tupelo, MS, could have the opposite impact. If you place out too many decorative items, it could appear messy rather than well-staged.

  • Rooms that are Gender Specific.

For Tupelo homes for sale, try not to decorate bathrooms and bedrooms, especially for people of one gender. This is because you want potential buyers to be able to visualize their family living in the house. When buyers see the neutral decor and colors, they are more likely able to envision rooms suited to their family members.

Bottom line

Home staging has become an integral element of the real estate market and is something sellers cannot afford to overlook. Ensure to include things that will make your home appear at ease and ready to use by guests. For example, have tables, towels stacked in bathrooms, a book placed on the nightstand, or a comfy blanket to sit on the back of a chair or sofa.

Beware of these common mistakes when staging your home, and you’ll create a fantastic impression on potential buyers. Contact Jumper Realty & Associates at 662-286-2828 or email us to get more tips on houses for sale near Tupelo, MS.