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9 Easy Steps to Follow While Hunting for an Apartment in MS

Whether you will live on your own for the first time, or want to shift to a new area, looking for apartments for rent, is no easy task. It is somewhat overwhelming! After figuring out what you can afford, you need to find the right apartment, agree to lease terms, and sign on the dotted line. To make your apartment hunting process a little smoother, we have listed 9 steps you can take and ease the burden.

Determine Your Affordability

While looking for apartments for renting, you must know your affordability. As per the US Census Bureau, your monthly
home rent must not exceed 20% of your monthly income or 30% at the most. It’s always better to look at your personal budget before looking for homes for rent in Tupelo, MS.

Take Lower Rental Costs into Consideration

You can do many things to lower your monthly rent, such as looking outside the urban area, getting a roommate, checking for subsidies, and negotiating while finalizing the deal.

Add Renters’ Insurance

Renters’ insurance is voluntary, but for most landlords, it’s required. It covers you against losses if you suffer a break-in and also covers the landlord if you damage anything in the property.

Run a Credit Check

Many landlords prefer credit checking to see if the tenants have unpaid bills or bankruptcy. All the landlords prefer to run these checks before approving you; it’s a better idea to request your own free credit report.

Start Hunting

Don’t leave your apartment hunting process for the last minute. It’s recommended to start around three months before your “must move” date. As a tenant, you might need to update your landlord about your vacancy in advance, and in the majority of areas, the renters need to give at least 30 days’ notice.

Gather the Down Payment

Many landlords require down payments, which usually include the first and last month’s rent along with the security deposit equal to 1 month’s rent. It’s always a good idea to have the amount saved up in your bank account.

Prepare the Documentation

You may need to submit a few documents such as your letter of employment, tax returns, reference letters, or pay stubs during renting. Keep your documents ready.

Do a Walkthrough

Once you are happy with the apartment’s location, landlord, and other things you are considering, you should do a final walkthrough before signing on the lease documents. You need to check if there are any damages caused by previous tenants. It would help if you were sure that you are not responsible for any issues which aren’t your fault.

Read Over the Lease Agreement 

Before signing any document, you need to go through them carefully and repeatedly. All the terms and conditions agreed between you and the landlord should be mentioned in the document.

Looking for apartments for rent in Tupelo, MS is actually our responsibility. You need to have proper preparation and devote more time to find the perfect homes for rent in Tupelo, MS. Jumper Realty can help you in your process of apartment hunting. Want to know more about us? Reach Us.