Everyone Deserves A Great Real Estate Experience

Seth Cappleman

Positive: Responsiveness, Value

I rented from them in their Pinnacle apartments and I would recommend it. I’ll detail the apartment below to any looking for housing in Corinth.

Location: convenient location near hwy 45. The area feels very safe and tucked away. Lots of area for walking a dog in the cul-de-sac and at the adjacent visitors center. A lot of people living in this area are young professionals and students.

Apartment: We rented a spacious 3 bed/2 bath duplex. These have a 2 car garage, stained concrete floors, large common areas and nice appliances. The master bedroom was nice with a walk in shower, but the other too rooms were considerably smaller. They do have plenty of closet space.

Price: These may be priced higher than some apartments in the area, but generally they seem to compare favorably in quality. This feels more like a rental home than a duplex most times.

Management: In my interactions with management and maintenance, They were always very professional. If we did have issues they addressed them quickly. You will not get all of your security deposit back no matter how pristine you leave the apartment, but that’s been pretty standard in my experience with rentals.