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Top 5 Factors That Affect Property Values

The cost of homes depends on how much buyers are willing to pay for your home on the market, but each buyer is different. For example, a family looking to buy a house might correlate factors of location, such as school and work, with the size and condition of the house. 

Some Crucial Factors That Affect Property Values

Some of the most crucial factors affecting the value of your home are:

  • Competition Between Areas 

One of the best indicators of the value of your home is the selling price. The selling price of similar homes for sale in Tupelo, MS, in your area, sold recently. These comparable homes are known as comps. 

Opendoor brokers or appraisers, most real estate professionals will rely on comparisons to estimate the value of your houses for sale.

The point is that no two comps are the same, so you will need to consider prime differences. It can be tricky to do it manually when comparing details like vaulted ceilings or something abstract like a panoramic view. 

  • Location 

The location of your current home may be ideal for you, close to work or close to your parent’s home, but because appraisers determine which value to assign based on home location. 

Let us look at the three key metrics 

  1. Quality of Local Schools 
  2. Employment Opportunities 
  3. Proximity to Shopping, Entertainment, and Recreation Centers.

These factors can influence why prices are high in some areas and not in others. In addition, proximity to roads, communications, and public transport can affect the overall home value. When calculating the value of a home, location can play a vital role than size and condition of the house.

  • Age and Condition 

New homes tend to be more expensive. The fact that necessary home components such as plumbing, electricity, roof, and appliances are maintained, and therefore less likely to fail can lead to savings for the buyer. For example, if the ceiling comes with a 15-year warranty, the homeowner will save more in the next 15 years than an old home that might need replacement in just a few years.

  • Local Market

Even if your home is in a better location, with improved upgrades, the number of other houses for sale in Tupelo, MS area and the number of people buying in the market can affect the value of your home. 

  • Economic Performance 

The overall economy often affects a person’s ability to buy or sell a home. So, in slower economic conditions, the housing market can face challenges. For example, if a job or wage growth is slowing, fewer people are likely to buy an apartment for rent, or they may have fewer opportunities to move in search of houses for sale. 

It is essential to be aware of current home sales and price increases in your area, especially when assessing the best time to sell a home.

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