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What Is a Micro Apartment?

What Is a Micro Apartment?

A micro-apartment is like a studio apartment but on a minor scale. These units combine necessity and functionality by offering the conveniences of an ordinary apartment within 350 square feet.

The reasons for leasing a micro-apartment vary from the fascination of living in a more luxurious area of the city to a more simplistic lifestyle in a smaller footprint. Whatever is the reason for choosing a micro-apartment, here’s what you’ll want to know about living in one.

How does a Micro Apartment work?

Increasing land value and construction expenses in cities, coupled with a desire to maintain reasonable rent prices relative to tenant incomes, have led developers to shift focus from larger, lower-density apartments to smaller, higher-density ones that yield more profit per square foot. The outcome has been a boom in constructing smaller-than-average rental units called micro-apartments in cities from coast to coasts.

Size – Micro apartments generally are less than 350 square feet; however, they can vary in size from 150 to 500 square feet depending on the site.

The configuration is often more critical than the square footage. For instance, a big apartment with weird angles and corners might have a greater square footage, but it isn’t very practical. If the layout works for you, the micro-apartment will be cozy and welcoming.

What does a micro-apartment have?

The important amenities of any apartment— kitchen, living space, bathroom, and sleeping space—are packed into the least area using multifunctional or ingenious furniture and storage like mobile kitchen islands and sofas that transform into Murphy beds. Few micro-apartments also have communal areas like gyms, lounges, pools, rooftop decks, and other outdoor spaces that give residents extra space to utilize beyond their unit and the ability to mingle without leaving home.

Benefits of having a micro-apartment

Micro apartments are impressive investments for numerous reasons – 

  • Ownership opportunity in a spirited locale

Half the allure of micro-units is in their location in majestic, prominent metropolitan areas that offer several attractions and amenities for both owners and tenants.

  • Higher occupancy rates

Micro apartments also have increased proportions of used space relative to the entire space, enticing new renters and preventing prolonged vacancies.

  • Maximize the number of units

You can fit more units, which boosts your revenue potential.

  • Elevated rental-rate premiums

Micro apartments tend to garner better rent per square foot than normal sized apartments.

  • Fascinating to renters for their affordability

It’s cheaper to rent a micro-unit than a conventional studio apartment. Tenants can maintain the living arrangement for an extended period and may not even need a roommate to pay for part of the rent.

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